gold Savings Scheme
Gold Rate: ₹6700/- per gram
Silver Rate: ₹96.20/- per gram








Gold Jewellery Design

Our collections are a celebration of all that life has to offer and we are proud to offer our exquisite jewellery designs at affordable rates. Let us add more radiance to your life through our vast range of exquisite collection. Every design is unique and every piece is timeless, we house a huge number of antique jewellery for your tastes, fancy jewels for the young ones and fashion jewelry that caters across all age groups.

You can find a huge range of gold jewellery online to meet your needs and wants. Explore our jewellery online range to experience our wide range of stunning designs. We have a wide range of jewellery collections in different categories like gold earrings, bangles, rings, bracelets,studs,necklaces and chains.

Gold Jewellery Price

Our array of Gold Jewellery prices starts from 5000 to 1500000 and popular product among our valued clientele. We are backed by a powerful team of designers and craftsmen who are the sole masters of their trade. Our Gold Jewelry products for women are designed with utmost care and our ornaments are made of  the pirest 22k carat Gold.

Also, when you have your own unique designs, you can order a customised gold jewellery piece. We make according to your aspiration and deliver on time.

Gold Jewellery: The Ultimate Collection

Order the fabulous piece of jewellery, that suits your style with some awesome choices of diamond jewellery,  you can choose according to your taste and also we offer the perfect gift for your for your family and friends! Shop online from us as it would be the most convenient shopping option that we can offer.

Purity of Gold

All our jewelry are made of pure 22k carat 916 hallmark Gold and you can be assured of the purity of the metal. If you would like to make customized ornament we are the best to choose because we ensure on time delivery.

We offer one gram gold jewellery that would be a great value for the price and that graces every festival and occasion.

Gold purchase on emi

We provide you the exclusive service of making the purchase of jewellery in gold, silver and platinum on EMI without credit card. We are an online jewellery store providing convenient plans for all kinds of gold jewellery such as gold rings,earrings, bangles, rings, bracelets,studs,necklaces and chains and other precious items on EMI. We offer several monthly schemes for purchase of jewelry with credit card and also without credit card to provide maximum customer benefits .