gold Savings Scheme
Gold Rate: ₹6700/- per gram
Silver Rate: ₹96.20/- per gram

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Sri Ganesh Jewellery is based at Arumbakkam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The business has been in operation for more than 10 years and running. A wide range of the finest designs in gold, silver, and diamond jewellery is available at the outlet. Jewellery designs are categorized into different collections. Designs are tailor-made to suit the choices of contemporary, trendy, and traditional collections. We also have a gold savings scheme available for buyers in the region who can avail of attractive offers to save and buy gold.
Traditionally gold has always been held in high esteem in India. It is still viewed with interest as a form of asset investment. Indian weddings are one such occasion where the gift of gold is always the highest. However, in recent years, buyers have found it increasingly difficult to accommodate the prices within their budget in one go due to the increase in the gold process. Sri Ganesh Jewellery has introduced a monthly gold investment scheme that will be beneficial for everyone. It is a unique means of saving in gold little by little and finally using the savings for a bigger purchase.
The gold jewellery range is one of our finest and most popular among customers. We know the taste and preferences of people in the region. It reflects in the wide ranges of our gold jewellery range available in designs to suit a variety of occasions in life.
Sri Ganesh Jewellery has the best gold scheme in Chennai. We encourage buyers and patrons to set aside a particular sum of money every month for buying gold. This amount of money is according to their convenience and affordability. It is a recurring and systematic saving plan for gold. We have two schemes that offer attractive ways to save gold every month. Each scheme is based on the gold valuation and weight for eleven months. Gifts are also included as added benefits with the gold schemes. These include silver jewellery, travel bags, and sweet boxes. A big advantage available in this form of gold savings is protection from fluctuating gold price hikes. Your purchase day gold rates are calculated. GST charges and wastage amount is also added to purchase amounts.

Weight or Value Based Schemes

Weight Based Scheme

In this gold scheme in Chennai, a specific amount of gold is accumulated within the saving scheme. The gold weight is fixed every month. The rate of the gold will be according to the gold rate on the date of payment.

Value Based Scheme

In this scheme of gold savings, every month you can accumulate a fixed sum of money to your name. Every month the amount of gold worth the money deposit is added to your name. This is the best gold scheme in Chennai that help people to make gold savings according to their budget and affordability.

Name Description Maturity Type
Rajath Scheme In this value-based gold scheme in Chennai, monthly gold is deposited in an individual’s name. The amount of gold deposited will be determined by the gold rate of the day. The buyer can continue this for eleven months at the end of which the total gold amount of the period will be available for final purchase without any making charges or wastage charges. 11 Months Weight based
Jubliee Scheme This is a monetary scheme for saving gold. Anyone can keep depositing a fixed amount every month for eleven months. At the end of the period, the amount is used for gold purchases. No wastage or making charges are added in this scheme of gold purchase. 11 Months Value based
Swarna Scheme This is one of the best gold-saving scheme in Chennai. In this scheme, a person is required to deposit a fixed amount for gold purchases for eleven months. The payment for the 12th month will be a bonus payment made by Sri Ganesh Jewellery. So when you pay for 11 months, you get an amount of 12 months for the final gold purchase. 11 Months Value based


Group Monthly Installment Total Months Amount Bonus Grand Total
A 1000 11 11000 1000 12000
B 2000 11 22000 2000 24000
C 3000 11 33000 3000 36000
D 4000 11 44000 4000 48000
E 5000 11 55000 5000 60000
F 6000 11 66000 6000 72000
G 8000 11 88000 8000 96000
H 10000 11 110000 10000 120000

Advantage And Benefits

Gold is always held as a source of wealth, prosperity, and asset in Indian society. Indian weddings see the bride adorned in gold.
Not only is gold a means of making a bride look beautiful, but this is also a traditional means of gifting her a valuable asset as she steps into a new phase of her life.
In recent years, gold prices have been soaring, making it difficult for people to buy it in one go. Everyone loves to save in gold simply for its high valuation in the future.
To be able to buy in installments is the best gold-saving scheme. It enables everyone who is earning regularly to save according to budget.
Regular and systematic payment enables easy payment in cash. The high standards of gold quality of Sri Ganesh Jewellery give confidence to our buyers that their gold investment is safe with us.
We also offer a one-month bonus amount in addition to the 11 months of accumulated gold valuation. Other useful and precious gifts are also given to our patrons.
We understand the need to save in gold and also how difficult it has become to save huge amounts in one go.
While using credit cards you are paying a high-interest rate to the bank, the same can be invested through our trusted and assured gold savings scheme.
Now anyone with a regular monthly income can save in gold and reap profits in the future. There is no minimum amount or upper limit. Anyone can buy according to their spending capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get any documents against my monthly scheme purchase?

Yes, all purchases and deposits will be properly documented by us and duly signed. Buyers will receive a copy of the purchase bill.

Is the gold available through the saving scheme 22 carat?

All gold that is sold by Sri Ganesh Jewellery is 100% pure 22/22 carat hallmark quality.

Can I switch between two schemes at any time?

No. We would advise you to stick to one plan at a time only. Once the scheme period is over, you can pick another scheme of your choice.

Will you give one month’s bonus?

Yes, we will pay an extra month’s valuation that is equal to your contribution. This is an exclusive offer with the Swarna scheme of gold savings.

Why do you charge GST?

GST is a government tax levied nationwide on all goods and services. We do not charge it, we collect this as a tax on behalf of the Govt of India.

What are wastage charges?

Wastage charges are also called melting charges. When gold is melted small bits splutter which is wasted and cannot be collected. Hence, we deduct a minor amount for that to recover our losses.